Help to build Vision Cristiana Church:

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We are asking for your help to finish building Vision Cristiana Church and help the mission work done by Vision Cristiana.

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God has given us a great vision:

Click here to see Progress of Church Building Pictures!
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· Build a 500 seat sanctuary
· Build a mission group’s dormitory
· Build a large kitchen
· Build a storehouse for supplies

Would you like to take a
mission trip to Mexico?

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! We offer mission trips to churches, families and individuals!

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Vision Christiana is a non-profit organization overseen by ordained Pastor Mary Lopez in Tamazunchale, Mexico and the beautiful Huasteca Mountain Range.

Hunger and poverty exist in the remote villages and it is difficult to believe how there could be such existence in such a beautiful place.

God has given us a great vision:
Christian Vision Mexico - Tamazunchale, Mexico

Our Goal:

Bring Salvation to GOD’s people.

Our Mission:
Extend a helping hand to the poor by supplying food, clothing, blankets, medical supplies, equipment and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Our Strategy:
· Saturate the Huasteca Mountain Range.
· Infiltrate 168 Indian villages.
· Lead souls to Christ.
· Teach, disciple and train GOD’s people.
· Promote unity among pastors.

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